Xtreme Trucking maintains stringent safety policies to ensure our customers' freight is delivered, on time, every time. We understand safety has to be more than just a written policy. Safety ensures our customers are free from all vicarious liability litigation.  
We focus on selecting the best drivers with the most experience in the industry. Xtreme trucking does not participate in hiring new, fresh from school drivers. We believe the best training in the open deck industry comes from on the job experience. When a driver applies at Xtreme, they undergo several pre-hire tests to assure federal regulations and Xtreme's policies are met.  Xtreme Trucking strives to set the standards in the industry.  From freight damage to on road safety performance, Xtreme sets itself apart from the competition.

Compliance, Safety, Accountability is a game changer for companies who wish to operate without safety first.  CSA, is a public measurement system available online to the public.  When Shippers select a transportation provider they are expected to check CSA scores of each and every carrier. What happens if this task is not completed? In the event the motor carrier hauling the freight becomes involved in an incident where liability is exposed, courts will come seeking the shipping customer for liability. If scores are satisfactory, the shipper has completed the appropriate tasks and is not liable. If the carriers CSA score at time of freight tender is unsatisfactory, the shipper can and may be included in the lawsuit with motor carrier transporting freight.   Learn more at

Today's transportation environment allows for only the safest motor carriers to offer reliable, efficient transportation, reducing liabilities customers face with un satisfactory carriers.

CSA questions? Feel free to call anyone at Xtreme Trucking to explain CSA program details. Customers must understand going forward, CSA is a game changer in the way freight will be tendered forever.

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On November 1, 2015, Xtreme Trucking acquired Zernicke Trucking. As a result, we are now able to offer reliable refrigerated and van services, in addition to our flatbed and specialized services -- for a full complement of transportation solutions. Learn more.

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